Professional Expertise

I am an experienced consultant with a strong IT expertise in the implementation of software systems such as T24 from Temenos and a deep domain knowledge in banking. This expertise, is the result of a practical experience gained through successful completion of large-scale programs & projects and is based on a solid education in IT as well as in Finance & Banking.

Since mid 2012, I am practicing software delivery using agile methods and processes and I came to the conclusion that agile goes hand in hand with the delivery of high-quality software systems. It also appeared to me that many corporates such as large financials need agile. Many of them are undergoing alignment and turnaround strategies in order to generate corporate renewal. In such a context, agile is a perfect fit.

Today I am an independent IT consultant, a lean & agile practitioner, passionate about financial & banking software products, methods, processes, teams an organizations. If agility & innovation is at the heart of your corporate strategy, do not hesitate to visit us at